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Hot Tips On How To Find Good Local Appliance Repair Techs
Many of the appliances in your home are used every single day. The refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher get heavy usage. Some of them you can exist without for a day or so, but not the refrigerator, it's keeping hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling. So when you're faced with a broken appliance, where do you turn? Have you got a repair service already picked out? Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.

Start By Making A List From Recommendations

Ask the people you trust who they use when they have a breakdown. Also, ask them if they're some companies they've had problems with, or heard bad things about, so you don't waste your time researching them at all.

Take your list and get online, each one should have a website and if they don't it's best that you pass them by unless they have a truly stellar recommendation from your best friend. On the websites that you do find, you'll want to get straight to the weeding process.

They should mention that 100% of their employees are drug-free, screened and background checked. While it's nice to rehabilitate criminals, that's not what you're into when you need your appliances fixed, and you really don't have time to watch a serviceman like a hawk.

On their website, they should have their contractors license number prominently listed along with insurance information, and bonding. Insurance is what would cover their liability if they accidentally knock over an expensive vase or drop a tool through a window. Bonding is usually what would cover them stealing from you so it's important as well.

You Should Try To Get A Local Company

While it is admirable that these companies want to get your business from a nearby city, driving long distances is very expensive in time and gas. The customer is the one that pays for all of that, maybe $100 an hour, so get a close-in company. Besides that, in the future, you may have an emergency and need a tech quickly, so the closer the better.

You will also want a local appliance repair person because it's important that you know where their real permanent office is. When they're coming from another city you don't want to have to drive a couple of hours round trip just to check them out. The reason you want them to have a real address is if you have a problem, you'll want a location to send their mail.

Look For Companies That Have Good Online Reviews

If they are taking good care of their customers there should be very few bad reviews. If they're doing a lot of business, they may get one or two, but the complaints should always be resolved. If they have a habit of leaving problems unfinished, then steer clear of them because you could be next.

Once you've located a competent appliance repair company you should go out of your way to keep their number and use them often. This is the best way to make sure that they're available when you need their services again as well.
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